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Horton Street

Horton Street Victorian House..jpg
A classic Victorian house in Horton Street.

Main Period: Victorian

Leadlight apparent at No’s 1, 6, 16, 17, 38 & 48.

Horton Street Brick Paving.jpg
Like so many streets in Marrickville, Horton Street footpaths are paved with bricks.
1883 Beer's Estate, Marrickville - Chape
Horton Street was created with the Beer's Estate Subdivision of 1183.

Lots in Horton Street went to auction as part of Beer’s Estate in 1883. Mr Beer is shown as owning a large block in Horton Street and is likely to have owned all the land in this auction.

Horton Street

No 1 is a Victorian house (c.1885) with leadlight in a two panel double hung window on the verandah, in the front door panels, in the fanlight and in a double hung angled bay window. They type of glass used and the design indicates that the leadlight is not Victorian but from a later period.

No 1 Horton Street Door Panels & Fanligh
No 1 Horton Street Two Panel Double Hung
No 1 Horton Street Three Panel Double Hu
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