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Chapel Street 

Main Period: Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No 17

Chapel Street is one of the streets in Marrickvill that has undergone initial subdivision as subsequent development and transformation into an industrial area.  An orchard is shown on the 1875 Plan of Villa Sites along with a Public School that no longer exists.  The Public School along with Thompson's Hotel (Now the Henson) is shown on the 1883 Beer's Estate. Much of the land between Victoria Street and Fitzroy Street was flood prone leading to the area changing from residential land to industrial.

1885 (c) 15 valuable lots, Marrickville


1875 Plan of villa sites, Marrickville -

1875 Plan showing Villa Sites and an Orchard.

1882 Cripps' Estate, Marrickville - Crip

Cripp's Estate of 1882

1883 Beer's Estate, Marrickville - Chape

Beer's Estate 1883

1889 Victoria Road subdivision, Marrickv

1889 Victoria Road Subdivision.

1888 Arscott Estate, Marrickville - Arsc

1888 Arscot Estate. All the residential lots are now industrial.

1890 Town Hall Estate, Marrickville - Il
1892 Victoria Road subdivision, Marrickv
1912 Goodall Estate, Marrickville - Vict

Even after the disasterous floods of 1889, lots were still being offered in the flood prone part of Chapel Street.

Chapel Street

No 134 is a semi-detached Federation house with some adaptive use of leadlight in two hopper panels as a veranda enclosure.

No 134 Chapel Street Two Hopper Windows.
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