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Hercules Street

Main Period: Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 8, 17, 42, 49A, 70, 71 & 72, 78, 80 & 85.

Hercules Street is a very old street and appears on the subdivision plans as early as 1883 with two lots appearing as sold. In the 1902 Subdivision No3 of the Yule’s Estate where it is shown as an extension of Consett Street. As a result there are quite a few small Victorian weatherboard cottages.  It is quite unusual for weatherboard cottages to have any leadlight. It is also unusual for modest Victorian cottages from the 1880's to have any leadlight as leadlight was something that appeared only in more significant or affluent houses.

1883 Gladstone Estate Canterbury Road, L
1884 Gladstone Estate Canterbury Road, L
1902 Yules Estate No 3 Terrace Road, Con
1902 Yules Estate No 3 Terrace Road, Con

Hercules Street

No 8 Hercules Street is an Interwar block of flats with leadlight in the first floor stairwell. The design is very Art Deco with each panel having a radiant pattern in the upper third with blue, yellow and purple rectangles from a colour palette that is typical of the period.

No 8 Hercules Street Interwar Flats Stai
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