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Summer Hill

Carlton Crescent

Main Period: Victorian - Federation 

Leadlight apparent at No’s14,  18, 40, 45, 112, 110 & 108.

Carlton Crescent appears on the original Underwood Estate Subdivision of 1878 and is clearly one of the main thoroughfares running adjacent to the railway line. A year later six lots were auctioned at the very eastern end of the Crescent in Chapman Street. It has been subject to a lot of development and redevelopment.

1878 The Underwood Estate - Ashfield - L
1879 Carlton Crescent, Chapman Street, S

Carlton Crescent in the 1878 Underwood Estate and two years later in 1880.

Carlton Crescent

No 14 is a late Victorian house (c.1898) with leadlight in the front door panels.  It is a recent addition.

No 14 Carlton Crescent Summer Hill Front

Photograph taken at night courtesy of Clare Herscovitch.

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