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Summer Hill

Drynan Street

Main Period: Victorian - Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 4, 5, 6, 12, 14, 16, 17 & 20.

1876 Summer Hill  Estate - Prospect Road
1886 Kelvin Grove - Summer Hill - Henson

Drynan Street is shown ad the 'Road' in 1876 and in 1886 it is clearly Drynan Street.

Drynan Street is shown as ‘Road’ on the remnant of a subdivision of the Summer Hill Estate in 1876. The name Drynan, shown on this subdivision suggests how the street got its name. In 1886 it was the main part of the Kelvin Grove Summer Hill Estate. St Patricks School and Church are a significant part of Drynan Street and in what must have been an original Federation house there is some lovely leadlight. What is now St Patrick’s Church was built in 1874 and is shown on the Kelvin Grove Estate as the building on lot 9 (south side). It was originally a rustic Gothic residence that became known as known as Kelvin Grove in 1883. The house and was almost certainly built by Mrs Drynan, the widow of William Drynan around 1874 and as such is probably the oldest building in Summer Hill. It is a lovely short street with a small number of beautiful leadlight panels from the Victorian period of the 1880's through to leadlight in Interwar Flats.


Drynan Street

No 4 is a Federation cottage with some wonderful leadlight in the front door panels and sidelights that is a later addition to the house but it is still a very effective addition. This is an example of how some retrofitted leadlight together with some recently made leadlight can blend harmoniously and enhance the beauty of the house.

No 4 Drynan Street Front Door panels and
No 4 Drynan Street at Night.JPG
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